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Meet Our Speakers

Inbal Tal &

Oz Bar-Natan

Alexandra Zsigmond

Daniel Zender

An art director is at once a curator, diplomat, designer, matchmaker, coach, critic, translator, philosopher and storyteller. New York Times Art Director Alexandra Zsigmond contemplates these roles while offering her insights on editorial design and illustration.

Unsolved Mysteries: Discovering new ideas through exploration and procrastination

As a commercial artist, it is very easy to fall into the trap of style and self generated cliches. We forget that even though we have clients, we are still artists with a desire to make new and interesting work that engages our viewers, but also keeps us interested in what we do. Boredom results in creative death. I will talk about the value of experimentation, discovering new ways of working, and making mistakes, as well as the value of procrastination, breaks and travel.

Wix Studio

As designers we enjoy the opportunities that lies in many employment options - we can be  independent freelancers, work in boutique studios, or choose to be part of a large company. The Wix Design Team has grown from being a small studio to one that employs over 100 designers in 5 departments.

Oz - Head of the marketing design team - will share his experience and methods for working on large scale and cross platform projects; And Inbal - our templates design team leader - will talk about the challenges and advantages that comes with working in such a big studio.

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 Join Us for an Inspirational Evening

Wednesday, May 24th

6:00 - 9:00pm

Wix Lounge, 235 W 23rd Street,

8th FL New York, NY 10011

Come get killer inspiration from some of the world's leading designers, learn Wix’s design tricks from concept to creation, enjoy delicious drinks and snacks, even make your own silk printed tee or tote bag.

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